9 V 415 3 ph V 240 1 ph It seems the reason is because the

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9 V 415 3 ph V 240 1 ph It seems the reason is because the


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canada goose coats If I canada goose outlet paypal have 1 KW In 3 Phase it will give 1.54 A and In single phase it will give 4.6 A For cosF 0.9 V 415 3 ph V 240 1 ph It seems the reason is because the current is carried on more wires. Also, remember that if wattage stays constant, then as voltage increases, current decreases. Are you assumining the three phase load to be the same as the single phase load or, as it is likely to be in practice, three times the value of the single phase load? But, in either case, the single phase current will not be double the the three phase (line) current! https://www.acheapcanadagooseoutlet.com The equation for the load current supplying a single phase is: I = P / ( E x power factor) The equation for the line current supplying a balanced three phase system is: I L = P / (1.732 x E x power factor) If you insert real figures into these equations, (240 V for the single phase voltage and 415 V for the three phase line voltage) then you will find that, when the three phase load is three times that of the single phase load, the canada goose costco uk supply currents will be exactly the same canada goose coats.

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