An independent and public inquiry into the University’s

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An independent and public inquiry into the University’s


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cheap Canada Goose We would want this review to involve all relevant stakeholders, including the victims, the buy canada goose jacket cheap Students’ Union, and staff, and for it to be conducted in a transparent manner.3. An independent and public inquiry into the University’s failure to handle the ongoing complaints process, which began last year, in an appropriate manner.4. Financial investment and support from the University to facilitate bystander intervention training for all staff and students.Read MoreMore on the rape chat scandalA spokesman for Warwick for Free Education said: “We are marching to Reclaim Our University because we will not stand for rape culture at our University: we deserve to feel safe canada goose outlet toronto on our campus.”When students act in a way that harms the wellbeing of other students, they forfeit their right to an education at this University.”We stand canada goose outlet eu in solidarity with the victims of this incident, uk canada goose outlet all those affected, and those who continue to be impacted by rape culture, both at this University and within society more broadly cheap Canada Goose.

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