Here’s a look at why the Giants should be both confident

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Here’s a look at why the Giants should be both confident


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canada goose uk outlet Only two percent of teams that fall to0 3 have made the playoffs, and the Giants should be able to build some momentum off of the changes made ahead of and during Sunday’s victory.Here’s a look at why the Giants should be both confident, and concerned heading into Week 4:Reasons for optimism:1) canada goose womens uk sale Key change seems to have ignited Eli ManningHead coach Pat Shurmur and offensive coordinator Mike Shula deserve a lot of credit for making the necessary corrections from a sluggish performance in Week 2 against the Dallas Cowboys where the Giants’ offense was predictable and failed to push the ball downfield to playmakers Odell Beckham Jr., and Sterling Shepard, while relying almost exclusively on dumping the ball off on short passes to rookie running back Saquon Barkley at or behind the canada goose junior uk line of scrimmage.Sunday’s game plan against the Texans featured the Giants frequently movingEli Manning out of the pocket on bootlegs, nakeds, and helping him manipulate the pocket much more successfully than he had the past two weeks against the Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars.Shurmur’s audible helped spark the offense, and led to Manning completing 25 of 29 passing attempts for 297 yards and two touchdowns.Likewise, after calling a combined 81 passes and just 58 runs in the first two games, Shurmur drew up a balanced attack canada goose outlet store vancouver that kept the Texans’ defense honest while allowing the offensive line to begin to build some continuity by imposing their will in the running game.Of course, it helps that the Giants jumped out to their first first quarter lead of the season on Sunday, which allowed for more balance, but Barkley and the rest of the backs carried canada goose outlet.ca the ball 27 times.If they are able to on Sunday, Shurmur would be wise to replicate the run pass ratio against the Saints in Week 4.Studs and Duds from Giants’ win over Texans2) Saquon Barkley is as good or better than advertisedFor as impressive as Saquon Barkley’s 68 yard touchdown run was in the season opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars buy canada goose jacket in Week 1, Sunday’s game showcased the electrifying playmaker that the rookie running back has a chance to be in all facets of the game.With 4:17 canada goose black friday deals remaining in the first quarter Sunday, Barkley took a handoff from Eli Manning and stopped dead in his tracks at the line of scrimmage as canada goose outlet in winnipeg he waited for the hole to develop, before rapidly accelerating into the second level and sprinting into the end zone for a 15 yard score that gave the Giants their first lead of the season.There are few running backs that get into the second level quicker than Barkley, as he’s routinely shown canada goose outlet canada through the first three games of his career. However, what gives him the chance to be one of the league’s elite running backs immediately is the matchup canada goose outlet sale toronto nightmare that he also is as a receiver.In addition to Barkley’s 82 rushing yards and a touchdown, he also caught all five of his targets for 35 yards, but none of his catches were bigger than a pivotal third down conversion on the Giants’ final scoring drive of the game.Split out, Barkley ran a go route down the sideline isolated against Texans linebacker Zach Cunningham. With Cunningham running stride for stride with Barkley, he leapt up in the air, climbing over the defender to make an acrobatic catch before getting both feet in bounds for a 21 yard gain and critical first down.Three plays later, Manning hit Sterling Shepard for his first touchdown of the season to give the Giants’ some breathing room.The Giants chose Barkley, not just because of his impact as a potentially generational talent as a running back, but because of his ability to make a play in all facets canada goose uk outlet.

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