Padraig Hanly, GT Energy’s chief executive, said: “Hidden

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Padraig Hanly, GT Energy’s chief executive, said: “Hidden


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canada goose factory sale A power firm is planning to drill nearly two miles underground to extract hot water from an ancient reservoir the Cheshire Basin.The firm, GT Energy, plans to use the water to heat thousands of Manchester homes.Experts say the multi million pound project would slash fuel bills for 8,000 homes and canada goose lodge uk businesses in Ardwick and the Oxford Road corridor.It could also boost Manchester’s ambitions to cut carbon emissions and canada goose outlet england bring green jobs and skills to the city.The water heated to 100C by the Earth’s core would be extracted from a deep layer of limestone formed millions of years ago from the shells and bodies of prehistoric sea creatures. Because of the nature of the energy, it can only be used in properties in the immediate area.GT Energy is preparing to seek planning permission to access this untapped resource by building a geo thermal energy plant in Ardwick. It is thought that, once tapped, it could produce energy for 300 years.The Cheshire Basin, which stretches for many miles from Manchester to Shropshire, contains enough hot water to heat 7 million homes.Padraig Hanly, GT Energy’s chief executive, said: “Hidden beneath the streets of Manchester is a massive natural energy resource that we propose to tap into to create a leading facility that will put the supply and control of heating directly into the local community.”It will put Manchester at the heart of a new wave of geo thermal projects which will develop throughout the country in response to rising prices, the need to canada goose outlet uk sale secure energy supplies and to tackle fuel poverty.”GT Energy https://www.cengooseoutlett.com will be seeking people’s views about the project in a consultation before they submit their plans in September.An event was being held at Coverdale Church Hall in Ardwick today canada goose factory sale.

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