She was sentenced Wednesday morning by Chief District Judge

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She was sentenced Wednesday morning by Chief District Judge


Kelli Hogue Mauro pleaded guilty in April just two days after being formally charged to one count of misappropriating at least $5,000 in funds from a federal program. She was sentenced Wednesday morning by Chief District Judge Karon O Bowdre to five years of probation, with five months of home confinement.”This crime was one I can only rationalize as being one of greed,” Bowdre said.In addition, Mauro must pay $10,288.32 in restitution to the Birmingham Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program where she served as the executive director from 2010 2013. According to the program’s website, more than 2,700 low income Alabamians receive legal help from the group each year, and more than 500 attorneys donate time to the program.Mauro, 48, spoke at her sentencing hearing.

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